Cloud Linux Hosting

Linux Cloud Hosting

Linux Cloud Servers

We are delighted to offer anextensive selection of easy-to-deploy Linux Cloud instances. Take the complexity out of building your own Linux server and take advantage of our intuitive automated configuration tools. We offer multiple instances and flavours of Linux fulfilling all your requirements, with new instance types being added frequently. We offer pre-configured one-click apps such as LAMP and LEMP stacks, which will instantly spin up a Linux web server of your choice, saving you time and the effort of manual configuration.

Our available Linux instances

Instantly create, deploy and manage your Linux infrastructure from the Cloud control panel. This tool empowers you to create your server within a couple of mouse clicks. All our instances self-configure and will deploy into the datacentre of your choice. You can deploy as many servers as you need, simultaneously and within 30 seconds!

We Offer linux services:

  • Shared Linux Cloud Hosting
  • Shared Linux Cloud Hosting With Dedicated Resources
  • VPS Cloud Server
  • Dedicated Linux Server