Corporate Email and Messaging Solutions


A service component of our Unified Collaboration and Communications solution


Providing organisations with an integrated, enterprise-scale messaging solution.


What we do?


Utilising our breadth of experience through the entire engagement lifecycle, from concept through design and implementation to operational running, Ultimate Infosys delivers a Corporate Email and Messaging solution to fully meet customers’ expectations.


The Corporate Email and Messaging solution includes: 



Solution Deliverables include:

  • Installation, configuration, and 24/7 monitoring of Exchange servers (hardware, OS, and application software) 
  • User and server administration (adds, changes, deletes) 
  • Backup and disaster recovery 
  • Server and e-mail virus protection, firewall 
  • Added value services such as spam filtering and enhanced reporting
  • Service Level Agreements to ensure availability

Ultimate Infosys is also able to draw on our expert capabilities from other supporting areas such as security, operational and patch management, storage and networking within the wider Ultimate Infosys Consulting Practice.


How it helps Increasing productivity

The Corporate Email and Messaging Solution enables organisations to better collaborate and communicate, both inside and outside their organisation.


Reducing cost

By centralising and integrating the range of corporate messaging services – voice, fax, email – Ultimate Infosys helps organisations reduce communication and collaboration costs.


Improving scalability

Ultimate Infosys helps organisations to better manage their increasingly large and diverse user populations by deploying a solution that grows with the business.


Increasing reliability

Email and messaging is now critical to many businesses. Ultimate Infosys can ensure that corporate messaging and email solutions are designed to provide a high degree of uptime.








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