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Our standard email hosting plans offer the best value for Individuals and Small Businesses that want personalized email addresses without incurring high costs.


All our Standard Email plans include :


Email Access




Web Based Email Access


Blackberry Enabled


Email Utilities & Tools


Online Address Book


Mailing Lists


Vacation Auto-responders


Folder Management


Sorting and Searching


Full HTML Email Support


Easy-to-use Control Panel


Security & Other Features


E-mail Forwards


E-mail Aliases


Virus Protection


Spam Protection


Total DNS Control


Web Based Email

Our webmail consists of rich innovative user-interfaces that are specifically designed for business users. It allows you to manage your email, address book, tasks, appointments, password, mail forwarding options, etc in an effective manner.

SMTP Access

Using our SMTP service, you can compose and send emails using any desktop-based email software such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Mail etc. Desktop-based email softwares will allow you to compose emails even when you are offline - you would need to connect only when you want to send all the emails that you have finished typing. Hosting companies that do not support this feature force them to compose and send email via their web-based email client only.

Unlimited POP3 & IMAP Access

Our mail system allows you to download and view emails using your favorite email client (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Mail etc.). You would not necessarily have to use the web-based email client only


Using our POP3 service, you can download all your emails when connected to the internet and then view and manipulate the retrieved messages without needing to stay connected. Our service allows you to set your email software to "leave mail on server" - which is very useful if you want to download the same messages from a different computer, or read your messages from the web-based email client at a later date, or just maintain a copy of your messages on the server for backup purposes.


We are one of the few hosting companies that allow you to access their email via IMAP (a modern alternative to POP3). IMAP provides various advantages, such as - freedom to download selective messages / attachments only, the ability to create and manipulate server-side folders, perform server-side searches on email messages etc.

Unlimited Forwards/Aliases

Email forwards/aliases are email addresses configured such that all incoming mails to them, are forwarded to other email address/addresses. A choice of forward/alias can be anything - corporate name, business department, additional nickname, misspellings etc. An email forward/alias can redirect all incoming emails to - one or more email accounts, mailing lists or other email forwards/aliases.

Examples -

- An employee of the user - Mr Jordan - has just left their organisation. They now want to forward all mail coming to Jordan to Ms Grace. To do this the user can add as an email forward/alias that redirects all incoming email to

- John's primary email address is The clients want all mail coming to to be redirected to so that John doesn't need to check 2 different email accounts - They can just add an email forward/alias for the same

- You want a copy of all mail coming to your sales department to go to each individual working in the sales dept i.e. Emma, Ryan and Evan of which Ryan and Evan have email accounts at gmail and hotmail. To do this you can simply add as an email forward/alias that redirects a copy of all incoming email to, and

- If you want to receive a copy of all mails coming to David's email address without David knowing about the same - you can add an email forward/alias to David's email account such that a copy of all mails coming to are also forwarded your email address by the mail system

You can add unlimited E-mail Forwards/Aliases using the email administrator control panel. Each of your email users can also set their own email forwarding options from their web based email interface.

Auto Responders / Vacation Messages / Email Bots

Our email administrator control panel allows you to enable / disable auto-responders for any email address. Each of your email users too can add, delete and modify their own auto-responder from their web-based email interface.


Enabling the auto-responder would result in an automatic reply being sent out by the email system as soon as an email is received for that specific email address. Auto-Responders are commonly used for the following -

-Vacation Messages - Notifying anyone that sends an email to this address that the user to whom this email was sent is currently out of office / town. For example - "I am currently out of the office and have limited access to email. I will be back on Friday, 5th Oct. In case of any urgent work, you may contact Mr John Smith at (123)-123-1234 in my absence."

- Delivery Confirmations - Notifying anyone that sends an email to this address that their message has been received. For example, an auto-responder for a sales email address - "Thank you for your email. This is to confirm that your message has been received by us. We will be replying to you shortly."

- Emailbots: Our system allows you to use auto-responders like a fax-on-demand system for email. For example, you can create an email address - - such that anyone sending an email to this address would be sent an email brochure containing details about Product .


Features -


Ability to draft the response in Plain Text or HTML


Ability to attach the original email

Ability to automatically disable the auto-responder on a particular date

Ability to limit the number of auto replies sent to the same email address.

This can be quite useful - for example - if you have enabled a vacation message and receive an email from Mr X, then the email system would send back an auto-response which states that you are currently out of office. If Mr X sends you another email on the same day, there is no point sending the same auto response again as he already knows that you are out of office.

Built-in Protection against Email Loops. Our auto-responders ensure that infinite email loops are blocked. Mail loops could get created in cases such as, an auto-responder sending a reply to another auto-responder.

Automatically detects emails from mailing lists and does not send an auto-response to such emails.

DNS Manager

Along with every hosting package you get the ability to add 50 mailing lists with 1000 members in each list. While adding a mailing list, you can decide to create it in the form of a newsletter, an announce list, a private discussion list or an open discussion list. You can choose to moderate messages and mailing list subscriptions. The email administrator control panel also allows you to view and edit your member lists, automatically block emails where message size is greater than the size specified by you, add a specific message at the end of all posts, add / remove moderators, etc.

Anti-Virus Protection for ALL your Email accounts

We provide you with round-the-clock, high-performance, comprehensive protection against the threat of email borne viruses and malicious code for ALL your email accounts. Our AntiVirus software detects nearly 100% of viruses and other malicious programs. Our comprehensive virus patterns database updates at frequent intervals and supports infallible identification.



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