Linux VPS Server


Linux VPS Virtual Private Servers give you the power and flexibility that you need for your application or website.  Our Linux VPS comes with a comprehensive Control Panel system that allows you to manage your server from within a GUI environment, as well as full root access via SSH for power users.


If you need the flexibility of a dedicated server, without the high operational cost, then our Linux VPS is right for you 


We aim to give every one of our customers the best performance available from their VPS, and therefore allow all VPS's to burst up to the full server capabilities. What this means to you is that while there is no contest for hardware node resources (server is idle or in a low resource usage state), your VPS will act and have available the entire VPS Hardware Node resources. ie; Your VPS will act as a dual quad core Xeon CPU's, Raid SAS drives 8+Gb Ram. This is only applicable when there is no over commitment on the hardware node - and this is our guarantee - "We do not overcommit on our VPS infrastructure"








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