Vpop3 Windows Email Server


VPOP3 is a fully-featured Windows Email Server. It is designed to be simple to configure and use, but flexible enough to fulfil most users' requirements.


VPOP3 has a built-in spam filter which can detect over 80% of spam and offensive email before it reaches your users, it can also detect and block email viruses automatically using the avast! or Sophos antivirus engine.


VPOP3 will work with any Internet email account which supports POP3 or SMTP methods for incoming mail, and SMTP for outgoing mail. It will also work without an Internet email account at all, using direct SMTP email reception and sending. VPOP3 will work with any type of Internet connectivity - from a dial-up modem, through ISDN and broadband xDSL connections to permanent leased lines.




Support Unlimited Users / Multiple Domains
Send and receive mail on LAN/WAN
Copy of all Incoming and Outgoing Emails at any email ID
Spam Filter 
Webmail Access

Message Archiving

Virus Scan on Server

Auto Responser

Remote Administration

SSL Authetication








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