Windows VPS Server


Windows Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are an excellent solution for a wide range of applications. From single isolated web hosting accounts to Hosted Exchange 2007, a VPS is a flexible and cost efficient solution. As with all our VPS servers, we provide fine grain control over resource allocations - and guarantee each VPS customer receives the promised resources ensuring your VPS performs exactly as expected. 


If you are looking for greater control and performance than a Shared Hosting account can provide, and wish to enjoy the benefits of a Virtual enviornment over a Dedicated Server, our Windows Virtual Private Servers deliver dedicated performance at a fraction of the cost. They come with exactly the same features, autonomy and functionality of a dedicated Windows server, and are suitable for a wide range of tasks such as application development and hosting, multiple virtual domain hosting, high traffic websites or game servers.


Windows Standard VPS's allow you to use MS Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Client to connect to your server and configure it to your requirements.  If you wish to use your server primarily to host websites, databases and email then the  "PLESK HOSTING VPS" solution may be better suited. Plesk Hosting VPS provides you with an excellent control panel system allowing you to manage multiple hosting services with minimal administrative requirements.



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